Our talented team at Road Runner Tire Shop provides the best wheel balancing services in Kearny, New Jersey. We work hard to offer great customer service, and we are not satisfied until we have done our job to the absolute best of our ability – and then some.

What is it?

Tire alignment and balancing is an important and integral part of tire care and maintenance. Tires are manufactured with a strip of weights lining the inside of your wheel that keeps the tire balanced. As your tires age and wear down, these weights can shift, causing an imbalance. A horizontal shift will cause a side-to-side vibration, while other shifts may cause certain, pinpointed spots in your tire to become too heavy or too light. Through the use of a wheel balancing machine, our skilled and highly trained technicians will balance your tires quickly and efficiently.

Why do I need it?

If you have ever felt a strange vibration when picking up speed in your vehicle, your tires and wheels may be unbalanced. You may also have cause for concern if you have noticed your tires wearing down more quickly than usual. Our recommendation—and that of most other tire stores and experts in the industry as well—is to get your wheels balanced every 5,000 miles or so.

Please contact our friendly staff at your earliest convenience if you have any questions about tire balancing, or would like to schedule us to perform wheel balancing services on your vehicle.