To keep your car running great and to keep you and your family safe, it is essential to keep up with tire maintenance. This is why we—and virtually all tire shops—recommend insourcing your tires regularly. However, if auto repair and maintenance has never been your  In today’s blog, we at Road Runner Tire Shop would like to provide some basic information so that you can confidently assess the condition of your tires and take care of any potential problems before they become emergency problems.

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How’s the Pressure?

Proper tire inflation is essential to proper tire function. When your tires are appropriately inflated, you will get the most out of your tread, improve gas mileage, and have overall better handling, control, and safety. The recommended tire pressure varies from vehicle to vehicle, and to get the exact requirements look on your tires.  

How’s the Tread Look?

The tread is an area you want to devote a lot of attention to during your inspection. To be legal, your tires must never drop under 2/32”. It is also recommended that you never set out on a long trip with tread depth under 3 or 4/32”. Also, during the inspection, be sure to look for any gashes or cuts, and make sure there are no screws, nails, or any objects puncturing your tires. 

How’s the Sidewall?

While some indentations are normal along the sidewall, if there are significant bulges or bubbles, your tire health is in jeopardy. When this happens, it is likely because the fabric cord within the sidewall is overlapping—oftentimes caused by a severe impact. If you notice this, your tire will likely need to be replaced. However, you should contact your local tire shop for a professional opinion.

It is also important to take into account how your vehicle is handling. If you are experiencing a lot of vibrating, your tires may need to be rebalanced or aligned. When inspecting your tires, pay particularly close attention to the above-mentioned areas. If you have any concerns, stop by our one-stop Kearny tire shop! Whether you need tire repair, new or used tires, or auto diagnostics, we can handle it!