Have a roadside tire emergency? Stop reading and call us now!

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At Road Runner Tire Shop, our greatest source of pride is not our amazing customer service, nor the quick and thorough job we do every single time, it’s not even our skilled and experienced team, it’s our roadside assistance. Taking our commitment to your safety beyond the confines of our tire shop, we offer the best and friendliest roadside assistance in New Jersey. When you call us for roadside tire assistance, our knowledgeable and highly trained technicians will immediately do all they can do to be there quickly and get the job done thoroughly and expediently.

Times You May Need Our Convenient Roadside Assistance Services

  • When you have a flat tire
  • If you are visiting from out of town and have tire problems
  • If you have let your old tires go on for a little too long
  • If your last tire technician did something incorrectly
  • If your battery dies

We’re not only your one-stop tire shop, but our technicians are the best in the business and genuinely want to help you and your passengers arrive wherever you are going in the safest way possible. For us, tire repair is not about the money. It is about keeping our roads safe for everyone on them. Whether your flat tire needs a patch or replaced by a new or used tire, you can trust us to fulfill all your tire roadside assistance needs.

Call us next time you need some help in a less than ideal location and our courteous team at Road Runner Tire Shop will be with you promptly.