In our last blog post, we discussed some of the considerations you should make when picking out tires—specifically, when to buy new tires and how to know what size you need. In this post, we are going to pick up where we left off and offer some more advice for selecting the best tires for you.

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Choosing the Right Type

Often times it’s not enough to find tires that fit. When shopping for tires, especially online, you’ll get a list of tires to choose from. However, most of these only meet your size requirement. They do not take into account your individual needs regarding desired performance rating and the climate and environment in which you’ll be doing most of your driving.

When you research different types of tires, you can be inundated with an overwhelming number of options. To help you prepare for this, here are a few of the most common types of tires.

  • All-season Tires—These type of tires are perhaps the most common. They are a good fit for cars and SUVs alike and come in S- and T-speed ratings. In addition, for those looking for a better performing tire, there are performance all-season tires. They tend to offer better handling but may wear faster than regular all season tires. These typically come in H- and V-speed rating. Additional note: if you live in a climate that receives a fair amount of snow, you may want to consider a set of winter tires.
  • Summer Tires—As the name indicates, these tires are not for cold, snowy conditions. Rather these low profile tires are designed for warm conditions and to provide crisp, responsive handling. They typically come in ZR-, W-, and Y-speed ratings, and are common with sports cars.
  • Winter/Snow Tires—If your winters include freezing rain, heavy snow, and frigid temperatures, you probably already know the importance of snow tires. But let us reiterate: a good set of snow tires can maximize your safety during the time when driving conditions are at their worst. And they can do so in a way that even the best all-season tires can’t. If you’ve only experienced winter with all-season tires, try out a set of snow tires this winter. Important note: to really maximize braking and handling, purchase winter tires in sets of four or make sure all of your tires have the same specifications.

Picking the Right Tire Shop

Like nearly any service, having an experienced and professional shop to consult with can make all the difference. Even if you know nothing about tires or your tire priorities, a good tire shop should simplify your options and find a solution that will maximize the safety of your ride.

At Road Runner Tire Shop, we strive to be this kind of tire shop. We offer new and used tires and carry all the top tire brands—Michelin, Firestone, Bridgestone, Toyo Tires, Goodyear, Wanli Tires, and Kelly Tires. Whether you’re looking for winter tires with maximum tread life or summer tires with maximum performance, we are the tire shop you can trust.